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Tarmac Services:

Elite Groundworks & Construction Contractors Ltd has established a reputation for the highest standard of workmanship, professionalism and using only the best materials available on the market today.
We can transform your tired and dated driveway into an awe inspiring, low maintenance and cost effective driveway that will last for years to come and that will only leave your neighbours to envy.You can stand out from your neighbours by adding raised steps, feature patterns and block paved borders to add contours and define boundaries. 

Also add a touch of class by choosing a coloured tarmac.

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Elite Groundworks of Stafford 1st Choice for Commercial and Domestic Tarmacing


  • Red
  • Buff
  • Golden Gravel
  • Greens
  • Blue
  • Whites


All driveways installed by us at Elite Groundworks & Construction Contractors Ltd use only Master Drive and SMA products due to pressures and strains of todays vehicles with power steering. With most families owning 4x4 vehicles nowadays, driveways need to be more durable and hard wearing than ever before.



Frequently asked questions about Mastertint..?

Listed below is a selection of questions and answers that will hopefully answer the key questions you might have.

Q. Why should I consider coloured tarmac at all?

Mastertint provides a unique opportunity to bring your project to life using coloured tarmac. Infinitely superior to alternatives such as resin bound, resin bonded and painted surfaces, Mastertint offers permanent colour that will not fade with wear and tear.


Mastertint benefits

The great attraction of Mastertint coloured tarmac, other than its aesthetic appearance, is its fast installation. Unlike concrete modular systems or block paving, Mastertint can be installed in just a few hours. It is laid in exactly the same way as conventional tarmac and requires no additional methods or training. Like conventional tarmac, it can also be laid straight over the top of an existing surface. Coloured tarmac is a particularly good alternative to resin bound surfaces as Mastertint is a more durable, flexible and cost effective solution. Mastertint offers all the functional qualities of conventional tarmac in a range of attractive colours and surface textures. Mastertint is also economical when compared to other building materials.